Spring Skirt Trends

Denim button down

This 1970s classic has gone through many variations, some good, others not so good. Alike the espadrille it is always around but periodically emerges and makes a statement. This winter, suede button down minis were the ones to watch, and now the baton has passed onto its sister item. From an a-line Calvin Rucker classic to a Levis original, you can never go wrong with this denim spring/summer staple.


White applique

Everyone loves an all white ensemble to kick-off the warm weather, and that is exactly why this skirt is getting so much attention. Different to white jeans or a plain cotton maxi-skirt this detailed and textured piece is unique and sure to appeal to crowds of stylish summer travellers. Go and get yourself one of these classics, whether you pick it up from Dolce & Gabbana or French Connection you are sure to fall in love.


Popsicle midi

This is where the fun begins. The popsicle is  everyone’s favourite summer snack, and that love for flavoured ice has gotten designers thinking. These different variations of either pencil or loose skirts are what summer 2016 is all about, the combination of loudness and elegance (if that’s possible). If you put any one of these fantabulous skirts on you are sure to feel like a queen and and a dynamo all at once.


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