Dream Prom Dresses


I understand that white is most probably the most controversial prom dress colour of all, but with these masterpieces those worries float away. If Lanvin could dress all insecure teens for the infamous rite of passage, then it is safe to say that there would be no worst dressed list. Either of these ivory beauties would make quite the splash, putting all other dresses to shame.



Oscar de la Renta

There are no words……but if there were then I still wouldn’t know what to say. Oscar dresses and gowns are and will forever be known as the most beautiful and timeless of them all. From a crimson cape to sparkly appliqué there is nothing more elegant, and almost too formal for prom. But nonetheless, this is a daydream of a post, so if I could wear one of these….



Elie Saab

Oh, Elie Saab, the creator of all things flirtatiously irresistible in both colour and fabric, where are you now? If only people could wear these pieces of art to prom. Life would be more complete with an emerald halter neck or a layered pastel lace, in all honesty. It really would. Not only does this Lebanese designer know what women want, but he also knows how to give women what they want, a £7000 gown.



All images from: www.net-a-porter.com


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