The Bare Essentials: capsule wardrobe

The Leather Jacket

The ultimate symbol and most timeless wardrobe essential. Whether its a coloured suede or textured black leather the biker jacket can be worn with everything to either elevate or relax an outfit. Left: Reclaimed Vintage Right: Asos


The T-shirt

You can never go wrong with this comfortable classic. There is nothing on the planet that it wouldn’t go with. Anyone can pull it off with anything: with mom jeans and some nikes, or a jean skirt with some Gucci loafers. Left: Asos Right: Asos


The Denim

No one can have a fully functioning wardrobe without jeans. They provide the ultimate comfort and style choice. From Boyfriend to mom jeans these classics are and will always be in style. Left: Suncoo Right: M.i.h Jeans


The Heel

My personal favourite staple: the nude, strappy stiletto. The colour and feminine design never leaves the runways and will not for a long time. The delicateness and heel size can change but in the end its still the same, iconic, shoe. Left: Sam Edelman Right: Senso


The Bag

The black satchel and clutch will always match, they will always be in fashion and fun variations don’t make them ‘trendy’ persay. Enjoy this classic and make sure it gets a lot of wear, because it deserves it. Left: Lulu Guinness RIght: Matt Nat


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