Vehemently Vintage: old and new

As has been rather obvious the past few weeks, vintage is back. Whether it’s Saint Laurent or Prada, it seems to be on everybody’s mind. The simple bags, shearling accents and chunky heels are everywhere, not quite sure how long they will last but lets enjoy them while we can. I have never really been one for past styles, which has all seemed to change the past month. I have been scouring the internet for ideas and websites, and I have definitely been happy with the results, whether authentic vintage or just inspired. Below I have compiled the 4 best items to shop for, followed by the 5 best pieces I found while on the lookout.

1- Shoe

Real vintage shoes are hard to find/look for. If you’re not a certain size it can be virtually impossible. I have found more success with more contemporary and even high street designers who have created really fun takes on dated designs. Below there are two pairs, one form Zara, and the other from Topshop. The sheeny leather look, in wrap or mule style, is very sought after and to have these shoes widely available is such a treat.

2- Bag

Historically, vintage bags are either plain and simple or outrageously block coloured. In my quest for the most beautiful bags, the better ones were either plain black leather or soft marroon suede. The bag I feature below was found on Etsy. The simple leather and cute clasp make for an authentic piece of the past. Its pure minimalism, in the old-fashioned sense, made me feel like I had found one of Samantha’s (from Bewitched) purses I used to fawn over as a kid.

3- Jean jacket

This has never really gone out of style. These days you can find one literally anywhere. Places like J Crew have modernised the use of the jacket, while denim connoisseurs like Current-Elliot have moulded it into a more contemporary wardrobe piece. The one below was a Beyond Retro find, from the mens section. When shopping for vintage I think it makes sense to look in both the men and womens sections, who knows what gems could be found.

4- Dress

Whether finding a flapper dress from the roaring twenties, or even a Twiggy original, once worn by the icon, shopping for vintage dresses is the best thing of all. Some of the things put online are so rare that the price tag is slightly ridiculous, but still fun to look at. Below there is a vintage Yves Saint Laurent original paisley dress with fur cuffs, found on Etsy. I would never buy such a piece but it never hurts to look and maybe even fall in love.



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