I would go 100 mules


The mule has come a long way. When I first came across them I didn’t see the point. I am now here to say that I am an absolute convert. When I first saw Eva Chen wearing Kate Bosworth’s collab line I needed to have them. The textured suede of her Matisse collaboration on the triple strap sandal were just enough to win me over, and now I can never, or will ever, go back.

Everywhere I look now I see a pair of new mules that I want and need. My designer of the choice at the moment is Mansur Gavriel, the new and hot designer duo called an ‘overnight sensation’ by fashionista.com. I was scrolling through instagram one day, and came across an image so aesthetically pleasing I didn’t know what to do with myself. The featured shoes happened to be those of Mansur Gavriel, and it was love at first sight. After doing further research I found that they were the original bucket bag trendsetters, and that no one is more in demand right now. Although the bag line is the original I think that their new shoe collection deserves a world of attention. The craftsmanship and leather quality that they are known for is taken to a whole new level with their suede masterpieces exhibited with their shoes, specifically heeled mules.

I doubt that my obsession will wane in the coming months, but I cannot wait to explore more designers, more ideas and more interpretations of the classic mule. Enjoy x

Young and chic


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