Arm candy.

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Please enjoy these fun bag/candy parallels. Today it seems like so many things are pointlessly designed but I have compiled these images to show you how pure and honest some inspirations may be! My personal favourite is the edie parker clutch, as I am obsessed with acrylic and sparkle in general. All of the bags are linked in the descriptions.
Lime a lemon

This Proenza Schouler python clutch is a hard colour to pull off, but when it’s done right there’s no stopping you. This lime sherbert not only resembles this fiery bag in colour scheme but also in its ultimate tangy sweetness.


Dear Valentine…

This sleek and feminine gucci beauty is not only the colour of love but also the colour of this blast from the past chalk candy. The pink hues make for stunning accessories, either eaten or exhibited.


She loves me, she loves me not


This timeless shape represents kisses to fashion and everything in between. Lulu Guinness is infamous for this specific clutchbag, because of its iconic connotation, and this fun lolly echoes just that.


Candy stripes

Spicing things up a bit, here we have a beachy yet sophisticated D&G cross body, which is perfect for any outing, and its counterpart, the classic lollipop. Red and white are so representative and fun simultaneously, who doesn’t love this combo?


Were’s the gold?

Oh what a beautiful bag this is. Edie Parker clutches never get old, and neither do these colours or shape. Enjoy a fun night out with this bag, but don’t forget your rainbow lollipop for the ride.


Somewhere over the you know what

Anya Hindmarch has seemingly reinvented her brand to highlight fun and popart-ey designs, and these adorable rainbow bags do just that. Looking at them I feel as though I am eating a sugar-coated candy stripe, a never-ending adventure of being hyper.


Young and chic X






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