Spring Skirt Trends

Denim button down

This 1970s classic has gone through many variations, some good, others not so good. Alike the espadrille it is always around but periodically emerges and makes a statement. This winter, suede button down minis were the ones to watch, and now the baton has passed onto its sister item. From an a-line Calvin Rucker classic to a Levis original, you can never go wrong with this denim spring/summer staple.


White applique

Everyone loves an all white ensemble to kick-off the warm weather, and that is exactly why this skirt is getting so much attention. Different to white jeans or a plain cotton maxi-skirt this detailed and textured piece is unique and sure to appeal to crowds of stylish summer travellers. Go and get yourself one of these classics, whether you pick it up from Dolce & Gabbana or French Connection you are sure to fall in love.


Popsicle midi

This is where the fun begins. The popsicle is  everyone’s favourite summer snack, and that love for flavoured ice has gotten designers thinking. These different variations of either pencil or loose skirts are what summer 2016 is all about, the combination of loudness and elegance (if that’s possible). If you put any one of these fantabulous skirts on you are sure to feel like a queen and and a dynamo all at once.

Edited: Summer Red

There is nothing better than a fire-blazing red to kick off the summer season. With this collection of cherry creations it it impossible not to feel the full effects of fashion’s favourite time of the year. From a Max Mara riviera inspired shift dress to a pair of red tagged Stan Smith’s this vibrant hue is everywhere and isn’t loosing momentum. Below I have browsed Net-a-porter to put together an edit of what is standing out and what your eye should be on. All images are linked to where they were found.

All images from: https://www.net-a-porter.com/


A More Realistic Prom

We all want to look like goddesses and Gaga for prom but sometimes the price tag can be limiting. But in all honesty it really doesn’t have to be so hard. Below are some basic dresses that are beautiful yet affordable, (every girl’s dream).

Not too Bridal

These two white stunners are sure to make an impression. From bridal to Beyonce this ethereal shade will always be on point.



Not too Nude

Nothing says beautiful like nude and delicate details. From beading to lace appliqué these dresses have it all.



Not too Hot

Nothing speaks like red. Its personality and vivacity scream ‘look at me’. These two simple yet timeless pieces are breathtaking.



All images and dresses from: http://www.asos.com/women/

Dream Prom Dresses


I understand that white is most probably the most controversial prom dress colour of all, but with these masterpieces those worries float away. If Lanvin could dress all insecure teens for the infamous rite of passage, then it is safe to say that there would be no worst dressed list. Either of these ivory beauties would make quite the splash, putting all other dresses to shame.



Oscar de la Renta

There are no words……but if there were then I still wouldn’t know what to say. Oscar dresses and gowns are and will forever be known as the most beautiful and timeless of them all. From a crimson cape to sparkly appliqué there is nothing more elegant, and almost too formal for prom. But nonetheless, this is a daydream of a post, so if I could wear one of these….



Elie Saab

Oh, Elie Saab, the creator of all things flirtatiously irresistible in both colour and fabric, where are you now? If only people could wear these pieces of art to prom. Life would be more complete with an emerald halter neck or a layered pastel lace, in all honesty. It really would. Not only does this Lebanese designer know what women want, but he also knows how to give women what they want, a £7000 gown.



All images from: www.net-a-porter.com

Daily dose of style:

Today is about the beauty of simple things. From a (literally) manicured leather satchel to a prim and proper geometric shirt collar the imminent minimalism is what ultimately makes these pieces so desirable and lovely to look at. That is what today is like. The whole week, Friday is such an idyllic concept and to finally be here is just simply beautiful. Friday is a day of exhalation and relaxation as the mellowness of the long-awaited weekend begins to set in. So, enjoy…


The Bare Essentials: capsule wardrobe

The Leather Jacket

The ultimate symbol and most timeless wardrobe essential. Whether its a coloured suede or textured black leather the biker jacket can be worn with everything to either elevate or relax an outfit. Left: Reclaimed Vintage Right: Asos


The T-shirt

You can never go wrong with this comfortable classic. There is nothing on the planet that it wouldn’t go with. Anyone can pull it off with anything: with mom jeans and some nikes, or a jean skirt with some Gucci loafers. Left: Asos Right: Asos


The Denim

No one can have a fully functioning wardrobe without jeans. They provide the ultimate comfort and style choice. From Boyfriend to mom jeans these classics are and will always be in style. Left: Suncoo Right: M.i.h Jeans


The Heel

My personal favourite staple: the nude, strappy stiletto. The colour and feminine design never leaves the runways and will not for a long time. The delicateness and heel size can change but in the end its still the same, iconic, shoe. Left: Sam Edelman Right: Senso


The Bag

The black satchel and clutch will always match, they will always be in fashion and fun variations don’t make them ‘trendy’ persay. Enjoy this classic and make sure it gets a lot of wear, because it deserves it. Left: Lulu Guinness RIght: Matt Nat


All images from http://www.asos.com/?hrd=1

Spring Shoe Trends

Caged heels

Easily one of the most coveted shoes of the past year, and, amazingly, the streak has continued. After seeing pregnant Kim K prance around in her strappy stilettos and then Georgia May jagger in her Aquazzura’s everyone has been after these beauties. Whether they are laced or literally caged they add an effortlessly chic touch to any outfit, from boyfriend jeans to summer dresses.


Gladiator sandals

The Gladiator sandal had a brief stint back in 2009/10, but it is back with full force. The lace-up shoe, as shown with the previous trend, is in high demand and on trend for this upcoming spring/summer. This is where the (very seasonal) gladiator sandal comes in. From Loeffler Randall to Topshop this piece is receiving immense attention and design variation, and it will be fun to see where it goes.


The elevated espadrille

Last summer the espadrille made a huge splash. It has historically been around and has been a staple for many shoppers, but now designers are taking it to another level. By incorporating different designs, fabrics and textures big fashion houses have stepped up the game. This classic shoe/sandal will never go out of style but enjoy the fun variations while they last.


All images from: http://www.asos.com/women/shoes/cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=4172&via=top

The Broad Museum: The Experience

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Selection of Lichtenstein pieces in the Broad collection


Upon entering the epic structure that is the Broad Museum one cannot help but wonder how such a place exists in the hustle and bustle of downtown LA. The exterior ‘honeycomb’ pattern which dresses the building provides the visitor with an unprecedented feeling of fantastical complexity. Although the Guardian called it a “super-sized cheese grater”, there seems to be much more to its character, in my opinion. This detailed façade works flawlessly with the modern lines and surfaces of the interior of the Museum. It is a creative work itself and from the outside may seem like slightly too chaotic, but miraculously upon entering it remains simple enough to let the art speak for itself, a true feat for any architect. The unique part of the museum is that it is a “a veil over vault” design, in the words of architect Liz Diller. Effectively, in the stairwell you can peek through glass panels into the massive storage rooms which house the remaining collection, a massive feature usually hidden away. This is what makes the Broad a one-of-a-kind place. To me, at least, it seems like more than just an Instagram opportunity, but rather a place that people go to bask in the beauty of contemporary art at its finest, indicated by the 5 hour queue. From pop art fanatics to die-hard Twombly and Basquiat fans, the Broad is by all means considered a celestial city.

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Jeff Koons tulips and Christopher Wool Run Dog Run

I started my journey on the third floor. In order to get there an incredible escalator journey was required. If one doesn’t feel as though they’re entering the heavens of contemporary art then perhaps they can associate it with the depths of hell, where art created before the 1950s goes to die. Upon first glance I was met with Jeff Koons’ massive balloon tulips as thy acted as ushers into the expanse of the main gallery. To the right Mark Bradford’s epic Corner of Desire and Piety inflicted confusion, which wasn’t helped by Julie Mehretu’s Cairo. But ahead, the simplicity of Christopher Wool’s untitled RUN DOG RUN helped to calm a perhaps overwhelmed visitor. Yet, somehow the complexity of Mehretu and Bradford’s pieces harmoniously came together with the simplicity of Wool’s stencil pieces and the inherent loudness of the Koons creation. Furthermore, the vastness of the white walled gallery space gave it lightness, a most-necessary asset. Do I take a right, or a left? I asked myself upon arrival. My giddy-self was desperate to see everything.

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Robert Raschenburg Untitled 1954

Browsing through the rooms, one after the other, while discovering my love for John Baldessari and Robert Longo I felt spoiled. At certain museum exhibitions, besides from retrospectives, one is lucky to catch a glimpse of more than a couple of works by certain prominent artists. But all the while at the Broad you enter a room and it seems to be a mini-retrospective of artists’ best works, everywhere. I am not a tremendous Warhol fan but walking into a room and being surrounded by some of his most influential pieces has quite the impact. But imagine this happening in more than a few rooms. You would imagine that eventually the adrenaline would wear off and I would be left under-appreciating contemporary masterpieces, which is not what I found by the end of my outing. In addition, at certain points there were pieces that invoked strong feelings regardless of how jaded I felt. For me it was Robert Rauschenburg’s Untitled from 1954. It struck me as one of the most beautiful works I had ever laid my eyes on. This particular piece, the Broads collected in a trade with another collector. They traded it for a Van Gogh, which initially I couldn’t comprehend but after seeing it, I was swayed.

After a good hour on the third floor I made my way down, passing the vault en route. Expecting not to be as amazed as I previously was, I entered the smaller galleries with slight apprehension, which was swiftly lifted. The playfulness of the galleries shone through and provided a refreshing contrast to some of the more somber pieces of the other gallery. Albert Oehlen’s Ziggy Stargast followed by an entire room decked out in Murakami inevitably had this effect. The enjoyment continued but simultaneously was all slightly overwhelming to say the least. In all honesty, I felt like a toddler in a candy shop, a very expensive one, but a candy shop nonetheless. It was as if whatever I wanted to see (and more) was there. It really was all there. After a beautifully colourful afternoon I strolled over to the gift shop. In a moment of weakness after I picked up the entire museum catalogue, which easily weighs 10 kg, not easy when attempting to travel lightly. Regardless, it was the perfect representation of my day. Like the museum, the book seemed massive and overwhelming from the outside but progressing from room to room, or page to page, was a personalised and charming experience. One I am surely not to let go of.




Fashion week trend: step into the past

Fashion month is coming to a close and I thought now would be a good time to look back on another trend that surfaced through the endless shows and presentations. The shoes we have been seeing on the runways of Mary Kantrantzou to Ralph Lauren are vintage inspired from the patterns they exhibit to the textures they emulate. Above are some examples from the AW16 shows which could have easily been from the 70s and 80s . The high heel and sock is a classic 80s beauty, and the quadruple strap mixed with snakeskin is an epic nod to the 70s, and the days of disco.


Again, here we see the boot transformed almost to another era. The shiny pattens and prints point to the days of Twiggy and Norman parkinson. Erdem and Proenza Schouloer were the frontrunners this season for the vintage boot. The patent leather used to transport the audience to the 70s was matched impeccably with the collections and as a whole was pulled off to massive proportions. This trend has been very substantial this month and I honestly hope to see more of it. I am a sucker for vintage and everything alike so it is no surprise that I have fallen for these looks. Have a beautiful (fashion) week

Young and chic x

All images from: http://www.vogue.co.uk/event/london-fashion-week

I would go 100 mules


The mule has come a long way. When I first came across them I didn’t see the point. I am now here to say that I am an absolute convert. When I first saw Eva Chen wearing Kate Bosworth’s collab line I needed to have them. The textured suede of her Matisse collaboration on the triple strap sandal were just enough to win me over, and now I can never, or will ever, go back.

Everywhere I look now I see a pair of new mules that I want and need. My designer of the choice at the moment is Mansur Gavriel, the new and hot designer duo called an ‘overnight sensation’ by fashionista.com. I was scrolling through instagram one day, and came across an image so aesthetically pleasing I didn’t know what to do with myself. The featured shoes happened to be those of Mansur Gavriel, and it was love at first sight. After doing further research I found that they were the original bucket bag trendsetters, and that no one is more in demand right now. Although the bag line is the original I think that their new shoe collection deserves a world of attention. The craftsmanship and leather quality that they are known for is taken to a whole new level with their suede masterpieces exhibited with their shoes, specifically heeled mules.

I doubt that my obsession will wane in the coming months, but I cannot wait to explore more designers, more ideas and more interpretations of the classic mule. Enjoy x

Young and chic